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Our Online Spiritual Counselling Diploma is now open for enrolments iforthe October 2024 intake.
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The next Face to Face Learning option for the Diploma commences in September 2025
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Tracing behavioural patterns to their origins, providing context and offering options to break free...

Much is written today about Modern Psychology, Neuro Science which refers to the study of the brain and nervous system and the related forms of Counselling therapy. All these sciences are intended to help people better understand themselves and the environment in which they live. Their common factor is their learning outcomes are dependent upon the study of man's mind through study utilising man's mind.

What can we ask of a human mind to teach us of the human mind when we know so little of the functioning of the human mind, let alone its relativity to energy?

Spiritual Counselling is very different and the first Counselling model in the world that is structured upon knowledge from a higher source where there is an absolute knowledge of the human mind.

It is advanced knowledge, and as with all spiritual knowledge presented by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, it is presented in a simplistic, straightforward forward and powerful way of teaching.


Earth works on a haphazard set of rules, other than society's behavioural rules. People are rarely encouraged to discover who they are during childhood. Therefore in adulthood a person's life often goes astray. They have difficulty getting back on track because they don't understand how they are meant to act and react.


Spiritual Counselling provides a framework of values, that are in existence in the spiritual world. The client is helped to discover where their actions and the actions of persons who have caused them difficulty, fits into their framework of values. In turn, this allows the client to make a speedy recovery to resume their life with a more meaningful understanding of who and what they are.

Spiritual Counsellors are trained to have a thorough understanding of human behaviour, the reasons for that behaviour and how it fits into the framework of spiritual values. In using these values to guide that client they quickly allow the client a better understanding of themselves and those around them in their life.


Spiritual Counselling is non-sectarian but works best with those who believe in a higher power in life than man and woman.

Spiritual Counselling Philosophy

Counselling is generally regarded as a method of helping people understand what is happening in their life to give clarity and to find a way forward. This is not always done by addressing either the issue or the repeating issue that has led to the problem.

Conventional Counselling discourages Counsellors from providing answers to clients' problems. Relying on the belief that the Counsellor will lead the client to an 'enlightened moment' showing the client the cause of their problems.

This method is flawed because it takes into account only what is happening at the current time and relies heavily on the client being able to come up with solutions to their own problem. This rarely happens and if it did the client would have no need to consult a Counsellor.

Spiritual Counselling is designed to help people in a very different way. It will set out to trace the behavioural patterns of their origin in life, to give them context, and to offer the person an option to break free of these patterns.

How Spiritual Counselling can help


How Spiritual Counselling Can Help

This form of Counselling will allow the client to understand their own contribution to the issues in their life. It will take them beyond the immediacy of the mind and help them to understand the higher purpose for which they have come to earth this lifetime.

It will assist the client to identify what they need in their life in order to grow and be fulfilled. It will allow an understanding of the reasons for being in the relationships they are in. They can then decide what they want and need to do about their situation.Spiritual Counselling will give people an in-depth understanding of themselves and will clearly show them what action is required to improve their life and the love in their life. Spiritual Counselling is designed to act quickly so that people can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living. This helps them stop reverting to past patterns of behaviour.

Spiritual Counselling is not for those people who want to remain in a state of pity. It is only for those who genuinely want to improve their life at an emotional level. It is healing, it is helpful, it is concerting and uplifting.

Diploma of Spiritual Counselling


Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is offered as a 15 month Diploma provided by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning in Mornington, Victoria.  On completion of the unit requirements, graduates are qualified as Spiritual Counsellors for private practice or within Counselling organisations. 15 hours of professional development is required annually for accreditation renewal for each practitioner.

Course Suitability and Prerequisites

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling will suit those people who are spiritually aware or who have the desire to become informed, want to grow in compassion, empathy and love. Such people have an understanding that problems can rarely be solved by attention only to the immediacy of the mind and those people who have a genuine desire to counsel using spiritual knowledge and methods.

Counselling Training

This course will take you to a completely different and higher level of knowledge and skill thereafter delivering an increased professional competency.

There are no formal entry requirements, but applicants will benefit from a knowledge of human development and behaviour.

Other persons who will gain an advantage from completing this course are:

  • Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • General Practitioners

  • Health Practitioners

  • Therapists

  • Counsellors

  • School Teachers

  • Youth Workers

  • Human Resource professionals

  • Industry Consultants

  • Persons wanting self development

  • Naturopaths

  • Homeopaths

  • Personal coaches

Spiritual Counselling study is particularly informative to those parents and step parents who have the desire to illuminate their own negative behaviours toward family members and to learn how to develop new belief systems and therefore develop more positive, compassionate and loving behaviours for these same people.

Sphinx Spiritual also offers a Spiritual Parenting Course which takes parenting study to another level. For more information on the other levels of Learning and Study offered by Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, visit or press here

During the course, each student will be presented with a gift. A self portrait of their life to date and information on why the journey has evolved as it has. This self portrait will furnish you with and unprecedented understanding of the events and environments that have formed your life so far, thus giving you the opportunity to make real and permanent change to your future.

Units of Study

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is delivered over 15 weekends plus an additional day (31 days). 210 contact hours of tuition face to face tuition. We also offer the Diploma online which is over 18 months with a requirement for approximately one Saturday each montha nd Wednesday evenings for 3 hours weekly.


Face to Face learning class attendance is 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

These hours are made up of:

  • Face-to-face tutorial delivery across core units;

  • Practice Counselling skills development delivered via student to student;

  • Demonstration Counselling by professional Counsellors.

At Home Study

Course reading and self-study occupy approximately 3 hours per week outside contact hours.
A Counselling assignment in the second half of the curriculum will involve 12 hours of practical skills plus assignment preparation.

Supervision and support are provided as students require throughout this Diploma.


The Face to Face Diploma is held at the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning located in Mornington, Victoria. Online study is open to those outside Melbourne metropolitan and offered Australia wide.

Assessment will be undertaken by:

  • Observation of live student questioning skills and intervention

  • Strategies

  • Group questioning

  • Counselling assignment

  • Final written examination requiring 80% pass mark


  • Face to Face Learning   - The first 6 days of study (3 weekends) form the foundation of knowledge of this Diploma course and attendance is mandatory. No exemptions may be given.

  • Online Learning - the first 2 weekends of study are mandatory to attend.

  • An attendance rate of 80% is required for the successful completion of the Diploma.

  • In addition to completion of all units of study, students are to complete a Counselling assignment involving 12 hours of Counselling and assignment preparation outside course time.

  • A written examination with a requirement of an 80% pass mark will be undertaken at the end of the Diploma.

  • Successful completion of all of the listed requirements will qualify the participant with a Diploma of Spiritual Counselling.

Curriculum Overview


  • Day One & Two (mandatory attendance)
    Introduction to Spiritual Counselling study and course expectations.
    Understanding Spiritual Counselling
    Honesty, Manipulation, Values, Karma, and Genetics.

  • Day Three & Four  (mandatory attendance)
    Physiology of the Brain
    Nervous system


  • Day Five & Six (mandatory attendance)
    In the womb;
    Human Development
    Up to 2 years; 2 years to 15 years


  • Day Seven & Eight (mandatory attendance)
    Human Development 15- 25 years
    Review - Progress written test


  • Day Nine & Ten
    Traits of men; Traits of women

  • Day Eleven & Twelve
    Conditions from the Father
    Conditions from the Mother

  • Day Thirteen & Fourteen
    Impact of Stepparents

  • Day Fifteen & Sixteen 
    Deconstructing Childhood

  • Day Seventeen  & Eighteen
    Violence and Violation

  • Day Nineteen & Twenty
    Low Achiever; High Achiever. Review

  • Day Twenty One & Two
    Expressing needs
    Broken relationships and why people stay in one

  • Day Twenty Three & Four
    Anger Management; Depression; Assignment set

  • Day Twenty Five & Six
    Failed expectations and setting new expectations; Loss & Grief

  • Day Twenty Seven & Eight
    Self Identity; Self-fulfillment; Meanness & Peace

  • Day Twenty Nine 
    Review & Regulations; Exam

  • Day Thirty


  • Day Thirty One

Personal case studies will be delivered throughout the course.

Practise Counselling will occur each weekend of tuition

Advanced Study

Professional Development, Accreditation and Practice

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (P. 1300 653 981)

Professional Insurance is offered by the IACT and GSA Insurance Brokers (P. 02 8274 8100).

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is a qualification for participants to enter into private practice under the title of Spiritual Counsellor or to secure employment with a Counselling organisation.

15 hours of professional development will be required each year. These hours can be obtained through workshops and or supervision sessions held by Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning. The completion of these professional development hours will be required to renew your annual accreditation.

Course Facilitation and Provision

The Diploma of Spiritual Counselling is facilitated by Pearl Rogers, Clinical Homoeopath (AROH registered), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Medium and Spiritual teacher. Pearl runs her own successful clinic on the Mornington Peninsula, specialising in Spiritual Counselling, Psychotherapy and Homeopathic Medicine. She has been a clinical health practitioner for 24 years.

The online version of study is offered by Pearl Rogers and other Spiritual Counselling Faculty Teachers.

Further and Advanced Study

Graduates of this Diploma are eligible for further specialist and advanced units of study offered by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning.

Following graduation from the diploma for persons who are practicing in a dedicated counselling setting, counselling supervision will be offered per year.


Counselling Supervision Topics include:

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Counselling Children

  • Mental and Emotional Illness

  • Loss and Grief

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Aging

  • BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

  • Bi-Polar Disorder

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Menopause and Andropause.


For more information on the other levels of Learning and Study offered by Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, visit or click here.

The Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning is an independently run and owned education provider located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

The School provides further knowledge, training and accreditation across a range of modalities including:

  • Hahnemann Healing

  • Concomitant Healing

  • Spiritual Counselling

  • Mediumship 

  • Spiritual Parenting

  • Advanced Spiritual Healing Techniques

  • Homeopathic Studies (Intermediate and Advanced)

Sphinx Spiritual also hosts many varied events in Australia and internationally such as:

  • Deep Trance Mediumship nights

  • Mediumship Development Circles

  • International Spirituality Conferences

For more information regarding the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning visit


Find a Practitioner


Mornington Peninsula


Pearl Rogers:

Mornington, Spiritual Counselling, Psychotherapist and Homoeopathic clinician, PH: 0419 513 561

Fleur Healey, Mornington PH: 0458 010 474 

Michelle Miers, Mornington PH: 0439 035 554  

Julia Symington, Mornington and Frankston PH: 0419 305 762 

Lucinda Pyman, Mornington : 0408 109 355  

Tracey Magookin, Mornington PH: 0418 533 745 

Shaun Rogers, Mornington PH 0407907841 

Ksenija Dedier, Mornington and Frankston PH: 0418 877 014

​Lily Kennedy, Mansfield and Benalla PH: 0409 381 128
Olivia White, Mornington and 
Geelong PH: 0409 580 008

Chantelle Beary, Mornington PH: 0432 568 606

Allison Dew, Sandringham PH: 0488 016 512

Stephen Angel, Frankston and Mornington  PH: 0418 143 969

Marguerite Maguire, Frankston and Berwick PH: 0417 320 361

Sinéad Travis, Mornington PH: 0424 243 189

Jen Hamilton, Mornington and Sandringham PH: 0422 000 628

Tobey Hannah, Mornington and Sandringham PH: 0431 717 600

Elisha Angel, Mornington PH: 0433 953 242

Evelina Smith, Frankston, Caufield PH: 0433 092 201


Sara Hart, Carlton PH: 0423 424 720

Eve Boukina, Albert Park PH: 0449 793 349

Chali Harding, Sandringham PH: 0435 464 657

Nicola Champion, Sandringham PH: 0412 076 812

South Gippsland


Lisa Percy, Inverloch PH: 0421 259 114

Celeste Amenta, Leongatha PH: 0408 294 624

Anna Stefani, Fish Creek PH: 0456 045 082

Zeb Brierley, Foster PH: 0413 705 246

Lily Gray, Leongatha PH: 0427506446

Brett Whittle, Leongatha PH: 0419 356 321

Testimonials & FAQs


"It is at times shocking to learn the spiritual context to a very human problem, yet acceptance is much easier with the knowledge, and from there to move on with life. In many years of trying different counsellors, I never found a peace about my childhood, just a perennial ‘why?’ During this Diploma of Spiritual Counselling with Pearl, I walked back through every part of my childhood and learned how it underpinned each destructive behavior of my adulthood, fed by the difficulty factor of karma. I got the answer to ‘why?’ and how to move on from being stuck in unfair.

As a qualified Spiritual Counsellor now, it is so rewarding to help a client understand their life with great clarity, quickly moving on with empowerment for change. It is vastly different to traditional counselling geared to survival, this really is the fuel for growth."

"We come in with a blueprint for our lives that gets lost in the layers of accumulated emotional baggage and misguided cultural values and so we lose the real truth of who we are - our perception of our lives and ourselves becomes distorted by unnecessary pain.


Spiritual counselling cuts through the dross to reveal the truth of who we really are, exposing our responsibility for the lives we have chosen and the necessity and importance of ‘just doing it’.  As the layers of muck start to break away, the rigidity we have been frozen in releases happiness and joy and a sense of possibility and the recognition of the part one plays in the bigger picture – our lives are not just our own. It is at times painful but very rewarding and has changed my life and continues to do so."

"The spiritual counselling diploma is by far the most challenging course I have undertaken, but has also been the most rewarding.  Not only graduating with a diploma, but also moving forward with a new involvement and direction in my life.  It provides ongoing guidance through my examination of my behaviors and actions against values and holding myself to account for the person that I am. 


I look forward to starting my own practice and being able to share this amazing modality with clients to bring about insights and change if they are willing."  Kylie A

"The Spiritual Counselling course gave me great insight into what causes negative and destructive behaviour.  Not only did I learn how to identify the real issue but how to help someone heal, change and grow. 

The course was delivered with passion by Pearl and clearly, she loves teaching this modality.  One of the great benefits of this course is the learning that happens on a personal level.  I gained a deeper understanding of my own negative ways and was given the opportunity to counsel a fellow student as well as being counselled. 


This was of great benefit for the practice it provided as well as addressing my own issues.  This is a course that provides an opportunity not only to gain the skills to help others but an opportunity for great growth on a personal level."

"This course offered me profound insights into myself, my patterns and behaviour. It was life changing as throughout the course, everything was challenged and reviewed through a new lens and with powerful knowledge and insight that is not available elsewhere. You gain such an in-depth understanding of people and what motivates different people to act as they do and the insight to intervene to stop negative patterns and behaviour and create positive change. 


This course offers a much more direct, engaged approach to counseling which delivers much faster results. The understanding, knowledge and insight can greatly assist clients. I highly recommend this course for personal development and growth and a powerful, values-based approach to counselling that is ideal for spiritually aware people."




"The spiritual counselling course is a remarkable journey in understanding the origins of human behaviour and why things can go wrong in our lives. Through the course we gained an understanding of ourselves, the good, the bad, why we behave the way we do, what we are here to achieve in this life, and what actions we must take to move forward. Everyone in the course exposes their life - there is no hiding. This is challenging but is also healing.

Pearl delivers the course with passion, directness and honesty, in a safe and supportive environment. It is serious, but there is also a lot of laughter. The personal growth from the course has changed my life, along with gaining the skills to help others."  Sue M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accreditation do I gain from this Diploma?

A Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

Is this Diploma eligible for HECS?


Where can I get more course information?
Please contact us directly if you have specific questions, we are more than happy to talk with you and see if this Diploma is right for you. Please send us your details via the contact form here

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Please contact us to know more here

Is there a full schedule of Curriculum Dates?

Yes - you can find the course and payment schedule here



If you are interested in Spiritual Counselling study, need assistance in locating a suitable practitioner or wish to inquire about further professional development, please contact us via the form below.

Thankyou, message received.

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